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Four Reasons Why You May Want to Drink Coffee

Coffee being poured into cupI love coffee. Am I addicted? Probably. But, of all the bad habits to have, drinking coffee is probably one of the best. In fact, it may not even be a “bad” habit at all.

Drinking coffee can actually have some health benefits. You may think coffee drinking is just for adults, but a lot of teens drink it too. And, they are reaping the health benefits, whether they know it or not! Below are four reasons why teens should consider drinking coffee.

Note: consult a doctor before increasing your caffeine content.

One: Coffee Helps You Focus

While you may think coffee makes people hyper, it actually increases focus even though it is a stimulant. This is actually the way Ritalin and other ADHD drugs work too. However, those drugs can have serious side effects. Coffee, on the other hand, is a natural alternative. Drinking a couple of cups in the morning may actually help you focus.

Two: Coffee Mimics Adrenaline

Adrenaline, if you remember from science class, is the body chemical that gives you a burst of energy when you need it. Coffee, especially coffee with sugar, can mimic that chemical. If you need a quick boost of energy before a game, a practice, or even just to get up in the morning, coffee fits the bill!

Three: It Makes You Healthier

Coffee has a variety of health benefits including preventing Parkinson’s disease, lowering your risk of Alzheimer’s disease, preventing liver problems, and may help you live longer. Coffee contains a lot of chemicals that are beneficial, including caffeine. So, while your friends are drinking soda with very few benefits, you are preventing a variety of diseases thanks to that delicious cup of Joe.

Four: It Wakes You Up

This may be a “duh” type of statement, but it’s true. Coffee can wake you up in the morning (or at any time) even when you’re sluggish. It’s a nice, natural energy boost, especially if you’re not a morning person or you crash at a particular time of day. Your teachers may actually thank you for taking up the coffee habit!

Remember, however, that caffeine is a stimulant, so don’t overdo it or you may get the shakes. Also, adding lots of sugars, flavors, and too much cream could make you fat. So, just put enough in to make it taste good.

Enjoy your coffee and reap the health benefits!

Why “Love Me Now” By John Legend Has The Right Attitude About Love

I don’t know who’s gonna kiss you when I’m gone
So I’m gonna love you now, like it’s all I have
I know it’ll kill me when it’s over
I don’t wanna think about it, I want you to love me now

A girl hugging a guy

Image courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net

When I was a senior in high school I really liked my girlfriend Brady (not her real name). But, I knew that I would be going to college, and she would be staying back in our hometown. Because I knew that in six months it “wouldn’t work,” I gradually just emotionally kind of killed the relationship. Then, when she broke up with me, I was surprised. Yeah, I wasn’t too smart.

So often when we get into romantic relationships we do things to sabotage them, not because we don’t want to be with that person, but because we think of what may happen in the future. I’ve heard them all….

“I love her, but I’m going to college next year.”
“He is perfect, but he’s so cute he might leave me.”
“I know I’ll sabotage this eventually, so why get close?”
“I’ll get hurt eventually, so it’s best to shut him out.”

There is one place we can live: the present. Yet, most people attempt to live in other states, like the future or the past. But, let’s look at what the past and future really are. The past is simply a collection of memories from past present moments. The future is even less real. It is your brain’s projection of what may happen.

We can’t live in the future. When I became distant from Brady I let a possible outcome ruin months of potential joy and happiness. I’m sure the relationship would have ended eventually, but I made sure it ended because of fear of potential heartbreak. I lost months of present joy and happiness because of fear of the future.

So, even if it will end someday, live in the present. Enjoy that moment with the people you love.

Why A Crush Can Be Bad

Cell phone with "I heart you" on itWe recently wrote an article on oneitis the problem and cure for our companion website The Popular Man that explains this concept in more detail. However, in the language of teens, “oneitis” is a crush. You may not have thought about the scientific definition before, but a crush is having a strong and sometimes irrational emotional attraction to one particular person.

There’s nothing wrong with having a crush. It’s natural to be more attracted to one person than another. Attraction in many ways isn’t even a logical choice since it comes from the emotional and more subconscious areas of the brain. So, if you have strong feelings for the girl or guy sitting across from you in science class, it’s likely your brain at work in ways you don’t understand.

However, it is important to distinguish between strong attraction and an unhealthy crush. An unhealthy attraction would be when your emotions and entire life are totally consumed by another individual.

So, if you have a crush on a guy or girl and that’s almost all you can think about, that might be unhelpful for you. If you make all of your decisions based around that other person, including your sense of morality and life choices (such as skipping work to be with a crush), the crush may be hindering you from being your best self.

Basically, a crush is bad when you’re attached too much. It’s always important to remain independent and detached when dating anyway. Showing too much attachment, also known as neediness, for one, is counterproductive. When we get too attached, we aren’t our best selves. And, neediness isn’t attractive.

Think about how guys and girls act around their crushes. In most cases it’s sickening! They get all gooey eyed and seem to lose all sense of reason. In some cases, they do crazy or outrageous things like running away from home, transporting drugs, or causing harm to others because the other person tells them.

It’s because having a crush messes with our brains. It can literally make us sick. Lovesickness may not be an official mental illness, but we can get love sick. When we are “in love” our brains release chemicals that cause us to become addicted to another person, or at the very least we become addicted to how they make us feel.

So, we check for text messages every five seconds or get enraged when our crush hangs out with her friend. It’s just like a junkie trying to score his next hit!

So, if you have a crush, don’t be too concerned. But, if you have one and it’s dominating (or ruining) your life, you’ll need to back off. Start dating other people, hang with your friends, or take up a new hobby. You can still pursue the person, but back off a little and enjoy life. If it gets too bad, seek professional help. Love should be fun, not turn you into a mess.

Teens Going Bald: There Is A Solution!

bald man

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net

When I was in high school, I knew three teen guys who were clearly going bald. One of them, the right tackle on my high school football team, was totally bald by the time he turned eighteen. I thought that was strange, but it all became personal when my barber told me that I was starting to bald when I was fifteen. I actually started shedding hair when I was eighteen, and I started to look into ways to stop my hair loss.


While being bald will not stop a guy from being popular and getting dates, it’s not a trait that most people expect out of a teen or even a young adult. So, balding in your teenage years isn’t generally positive.

Even if you’re an adult who found this article through a search engine, this essay will help a male of any age who is starting to bald keep his hair.  The key is to stop it as early as possible, so if you are losing hair, deal with it ASAP.

There are several causes for hair loss in guys; a few of them are illnesses and conditions that can be treated. However, the most common is called “male pattern baldness.” It is likely genetic and may be related primarily to genes from your mother’s side. So look at your mom’s brothers to maybe see where you are headed.

Male pattern baldness is related to the chemical DHT, which is a by-product of testosterone production, and typically the more traditionally manly you are (hairy body, able to grow a thick beard easily), the more likely you are to go bald.

Male pattern baldness is the kind where the hair goes first in the front and the top of the head until all a guy has left is a semi-circle around the sides of the head.

The timeline for baldness varies for every guy. Most males who go bald do so later in life. But, teen boys can also start losing hair too and, like my friends, be almost completely bald by their eighteenth birthday. Even those teens whose thinning hair isn’t completely gone by the time they graduate will likely be totally bald by their early twenties.

The good news is that if male pattern baldness is caught early, it can be stopped. If you are a teen reading this, that may be a relief, especially if you’ve noticed your hair is thinning. Keep in mind that some hair loss is normal. However, if you are losing a lot of it, especially near the back top of the head and the front, then you may be going bald. Your friends, family, and barber can probably also let you know if they’ve noticed a change.

If you think you’re going bald, visit a doctor to confirm that your hair loss is genetic and that it’s not some treatable condition. If you are thinning due to male pattern baldness, there are many options to keep your hair. If you catch it early, there is a drug called minoxidil (also known as Rogaine/Regaine) that is both cheap, effective, and easy to apply. Minoxidil, at least in the US, doesn’t require a doctor’s prescription and is sold over the counter.

In fact if you click this link to Amazon (or see some options at the end of the article) a six month supply is currently less than thirty dollars! This drug should help you keep the hair you have and may even regrow some of it.

You can find it in the haircare section of most stores. It’s pretty cheap too (the generic anyway). Always use it under the supervision of a doctor. If underage, check with a parent.

You simply apply a small amount to the scalp twice a day with a dropper.

If you’re going bald as a teenager (or a male of any age), then make sure to act quickly. Once you lose most of your hair, your options to keep and/or regrow it become much more difficult and expensive.

Also, David wrote a very detailed article about how he (and I) regrew hair and stopped hair loss for almost twenty years, which involves more than just minoxidil.

The Surprising Factor That Determines 85% Of Your Career Success

money and graphs

Image courtesy of ddpavumba / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

When I was a high school teacher, I noticed that many of my most successful students weren’t just those who studied for tests and memorized facts.

In many cases, the best all around students (those who were academically successful, excellent athletically, involved in clubs, etc.) also had another factor that was responsible for their success: they had outstanding social skills. They related to others, communicated well, and were good at reading others’ emotions.

When the ideas behind The Popular Teen were swirling in my head, I started to research the science of popularity. I found many studies and articles confirming what I observed. Science agrees that emotional, mental, and social factors not only play a very important role in career and financial success, but actually are more important than raw intelligence and technical knowledge (knowing how to do your job) to financial and career success.

Let me repeat that: Your personality and social skills are more important than technical knowledge in career success.

So, you may have the best math skills of any accountant at work, or the teacher with the best lesson plans, or even the most academically gifted student in your class, but that doesn’t mean you will be successful accountant, teacher, or student.

In fact, the guy or gal that is good at his or her job, but who comes across as likable, outgoing, and cool is probably going to get the promotion first and advance in the organization. His or her charisma and likability will create far more opportunities for advancement than any knowledge.

This might fit with what you’ve noticed in your life. Many times the people at the top of companies (and other organizations, even countries) aren’t those who mastered every fine detail of their craft. Rather, they are “people persons” who are great at networking, persuasion, and building relationships.

In fact, research by the Carnegie Institute of Technology determined that 85 percent of a person’s financial success is due to skills in “human engineering,” meaning personality, communication, and leadership. Put another way, people with great personalities make more money than those who have bad ones.

This information is shocking because social skills are neglected by almost every educational institution. Schools relentlessly emphasize technical knowledge, to make sure a student knows every fine detail of algebra, grammar, and history, which is a good thing. However, it is shameful that students can leave school lacking basic social skills that are pretty easy to learn.

Ultimately what we do here The Popular Teen and our new site Your Successful Kid is teach social skills, either directly to teens or through helping their parents. If you are a teen, not only will learning social skills help you get more dates, make friends, and make more money, it will make you happier since you are in control of your life (read this site regularly for tips).

Parents, don’t neglect this aspect of your child’s life. It leads to greater success both in the present and later in life.

New Year Resolutions For Teens

new year fireworks

Image courtesy of noppasinw / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Have you ever considered making new year’s resolutions? Some teens do. But, even if you haven’t thought of it, you probably should.

Why? Everyone has areas where they want to improve themselves. Resolutions can help you become the person they’ve always wanted to be.

New Year Resolutions For Teens

The new year is a great time to set these goals for yourself. While our adult sites have talked about various new year resolution ideas that might work for people of all ages, teens have a unique set of needs that might require different goals. Below are a few new year resolutions for teens that you might want to try, but before that, let’s briefly discuss how to create good resolutions and goals.

Keep in mind that setting goals can be challenging. Goals should be achievable by you, measurable, and simple and realistic. Briefly, this means:

Achievable By You: A goal has to be reachable by you. A goal like “I will get a girlfriend by March” involves actions by another person. Instead, set a goal to “talk to five new girls a week” or “ask a girl out on a date a week.” Notice that both of these goals involve things you control.

Measurable: A goal like “be happier” isn’t very measurable. What does it even mean to be happy? If being happier is what you want, two better goals would be “watch a funny youtube video per day” or “exercise outside twice a week.” Both are measurable, that is you can clearly determine if you did them or not.

Simple and Realistic: Most people set crazy resolutions like “lose 50 pounds by summer.” While that is a good goal, it isn’t realistic to set a goal like that in January. Instead, set a goal like “eat 1700 calories a day in January” and/or “run 10 miles a week.” Those are realistic, and if you keep those resolutions, you likely will lose weight by summer.

Get Fit

Lots of teens are overweight and out of shape. While the media puts unrealistic expectations on teens to be thin, being at a healthy weight and achieving some level of physical fitness is always a positive thing.

Resolve this new year to get fit and achieve a healthy weight. You’ll look better and feel better.

Find a workout program at home, play a sport, join a gym, etc. Commit to actually follow through with the working out. Doing it with a family member or friend will help keep you on the path.

Learn Something New

Have you always wanted to play the guitar? Write a book? Play a new sport? If there’s something you’ve wanted to learn or try, why wait? Do it as a new year’s resolution this year. Make sure you pick a goal you can achieve and come up with steps to make sure you follow through.

Give To Others

Are you self-centered? If you’re like most people the answer is yes. It’s OK to look out for yourself. But, giving to others is important too. Resolve this year to give to the less fortunate.

This can happen in many ways. You can promise to donate money every month or, if you don’t make money, give of your time. There are many charities that need a lot of money and time. Give of yours. You’ll feel better and be helping others.

Improve Your Social Skills

Have you always wanted to be more likable and popular? For most teens the answer is yes. Well, you can make popularity your new year resolution. There are skills that you can work on to make friends and get dates.

We offer a variety of books geared towards adults with skills that also work for teens. However, in January 2014 we are releasing our teen popularity book. Like us on Facebook or keep checking back for more information about the book’s release.

So, pick one of these resolutions or come up with a few more of your own. Whatever you pick, make sure the new year’s resolution changes your life for the best and stick with it!