Four Types of Drama Queens (And Kings)

Drama Masks

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I wish I had a dollar for every dramatic Facebook update that crossed my feed. If so, I’d be independently wealthy by now. I can’t count the number of statuses freaking out, whining, gossiping, and putting noses into other people’s business. If you have lived on this planet for even a little while, you’ve been a victim of drama. And, drama sucks.

And, it’s not just teens or girls who are dramatic. I’ve noticed many dramatic people of all ages throughout my life. In fact, I’ve identified four different types of dramatic people. All of them get involved in it, but they do so in different ways. Here are the four types of drama queens (and kings).

One: The “I Hate Drama” Drama Queen (or King)

These are the people who constantly whine about the drama in their lives, but have no clue that they are a major source of it. For example, one girl I know is constantly putting online statuses about how much she hates drama. However, I know the truth: those statuses are directed towards another young lady. So, what are those statuses doing? Creating more drama! And, this is from someone allegedly complaining about drama.

Two: The Gossip

A lot of drama comes from spreading gossip and rumors. Some people seem to get a buzz from telling the latest, juiciest news. And, of course, the information, whether confidential or not, is typically embarrassing to someone or a group of people. When those individuals discover they’ve been talked about, what do they do? Retaliate. But, The gossips just can’t stop. They love knowing everyone’s business way too much.

Three: The Instigator

These people don’t just get involved in some aspect of drama. They absolutely thrive on it. If they are not caught up in someone else’s business, then they feel bored and life seems pointless. So, during those boring moments without drama, what do they do? They find new ways to create it. And, they typically instigate their drama with…

Four: The Reactor

These individuals don’t start drama and may even genuinely hate it. But, when they’re the subject of gossip or picked on, they react like little children. They cry, throw fits, and generally stress out. So, they get right into the drama themselves, whether they know it or not. The reactors are typically the most involved in dramatic situations. They are so fun to bug because their reactions are so crazy.

So, be on the lookout for these four types of drama queens (and kings) and do your best to avoid them. If I’ve described you, then quit being up in everyone’s business! A drama free life is actually much, much cooler.

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