New Year Resolutions For Teens

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Have you ever considered making new year’s resolutions? Some teens do. But, even if you haven’t thought of it, you probably should.

Why? Everyone has areas where they want to improve themselves. Resolutions can help you become the person they’ve always wanted to be.

New Year Resolutions For Teens

The new year is a great time to set these goals for yourself. While our adult sites have talked about various new year resolution ideas that might work for people of all ages, teens have a unique set of needs that might require different goals. Below are a few new year resolutions for teens that you might want to try, but before that, let’s briefly discuss how to create good resolutions and goals.

Keep in mind that setting goals can be challenging. Goals should be achievable by you, measurable, and simple and realistic. Briefly, this means:

Achievable By You: A goal has to be reachable by you. A goal like “I will get a girlfriend by March” involves actions by another person. Instead, set a goal to “talk to five new girls a week” or “ask a girl out on a date a week.” Notice that both of these goals involve things you control.

Measurable: A goal like “be happier” isn’t very measurable. What does it even mean to be happy? If being happier is what you want, two better goals would be “watch a funny youtube video per day” or “exercise outside twice a week.” Both are measurable, that is you can clearly determine if you did them or not.

Simple and Realistic: Most people set crazy resolutions like “lose 50 pounds by summer.” While that is a good goal, it isn’t realistic to set a goal like that in January. Instead, set a goal like “eat 1700 calories a day in January” and/or “run 10 miles a week.” Those are realistic, and if you keep those resolutions, you likely will lose weight by summer.

Get Fit

Lots of teens are overweight and out of shape. While the media puts unrealistic expectations on teens to be thin, being at a healthy weight and achieving some level of physical fitness is always a positive thing.

Resolve this new year to get fit and achieve a healthy weight. You’ll look better and feel better.

Find a workout program at home, play a sport, join a gym, etc. Commit to actually follow through with the working out. Doing it with a family member or friend will help keep you on the path.

Learn Something New

Have you always wanted to play the guitar? Write a book? Play a new sport? If there’s something you’ve wanted to learn or try, why wait? Do it as a new year’s resolution this year. Make sure you pick a goal you can achieve and come up with steps to make sure you follow through.

Give To Others

Are you self-centered? If you’re like most people the answer is yes. It’s OK to look out for yourself. But, giving to others is important too. Resolve this year to give to the less fortunate.

This can happen in many ways. You can promise to donate money every month or, if you don’t make money, give of your time. There are many charities that need a lot of money and time. Give of yours. You’ll feel better and be helping others.

Improve Your Social Skills

Have you always wanted to be more likable and popular? For most teens the answer is yes. Well, you can make popularity your new year resolution. There are skills that you can work on to make friends and get dates.

We offer a variety of books geared towards adults with skills that also work for teens. However, in January 2014 we are releasing our teen popularity book. Like us on Facebook or keep checking back for more information about the book’s release.

So, pick one of these resolutions or come up with a few more of your own. Whatever you pick, make sure the new year’s resolution changes your life for the best and stick with it!

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