Teens Going Bald: There Is A Solution!

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When I was in high school, I knew about three teen guys who were clearly going bald. Heck, one of them was actually totally bald by the time he turned eighteen. My barber even told me that I was balding.

While being bald will not stop a guy from being popular, it’s not a trait that most people expect out of a teen or young adult. So, balding in your teenage years isn’t really expected or positive.

Even if you’re an adult who found this article through a search engine, this essay will help a male of any age who is starting to bald keep his hair.

There are several causes for baldness in guys; a few of them are illnesses and conditions that can be treated. However, the most common is called “male pattern baldness.” It comes from your genes and typically your mother’s side. So, look at your mom’s brothers to see your hair(less) future.

It also can’t be “treated.” If your genes say you’re going bald, then you’ll be bald. Male pattern baldness is the kind where the hair goes first in the front and the top of the head until all a guy has left is a semi-circle around the sides of the head.

The timeline for baldness varies for every guy. Most males who go bald do so later in life. But, teen boys can also start losing hair too and, like my friends, be almost completely bald by their eighteenth birthday. Even those teens whose thinning hair isn’t completely gone by the time they graduate will likely be totally bald by their early twenties.

The good news is that if male pattern baldness is caught early, it can be stopped. If you are a teen reading this, that may be a relief, especially if you’ve noticed your hair is thinning. Keep in mind that some hair loss is normal. However, if you are losing a lot of it, especially near the back top of the head and the front, then you may be going bald. Your friends, family, and barber can probably also let you know if they’ve noticed a change.

If you think you’re going bald, visit a doctor to confirm that your hair loss is genetic and that it’s not some treatable condition. If you are thinning due to male pattern baldness, there are many options to keep your hair. If you catch it early, there is a drug called minoxidil (or Rogaine/Regaine) that is both cheap, effective, and easy to apply. Minoxidil, at least in the US, doesn’t require a doctor’s prescription and is sold over the counter. This drug should help you keep the hair you have and may even regrow some of it.

You can find it in the haircare section of most stores. It’s pretty cheap too (the generic anyway). Always use it under the supervision of a doctor. If underage, check with a parent.

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You simply apply a small amount to the scalp twice a day with a dropper.

If you’re going bald as a teenager (or a male of any age), then make sure to act quickly. Once you lose most of your hair, your options to keep and/or regrow it become much more difficult and expensive.

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  1. Please do not offer misleading suggestions to teams without telling the danger behind Minoxidil. It is very dangerous and could stop your heart if used in appropriately. Will lead to long term impotence. Beware kids. Never ever try this. Be bald its fine and do not experiment with this dangerous chemical…

  2. Jonathan Bennett says:

    Topical minoxidil is extremely safe as long as used correctly. Like any med, incorrect use can create serious problems. I’ve never seen an official study showing impotence. However, as with all medications it’s importance to monitor side effects and work with a doctor.

  3. Prescribed concentration of minoxidil is absolutely good for you and your hair. Not only for hair loss, Minoxidil is also used in treating hypertension, over use of minoxidil can cause side effects. Using 2% minoxidil is good for humans and up to 5% concentration can be OK but don’t go for more than that.

  4. thunderball says:

    Only one of the ‘many options’ mentioned is discussed. And that drug works only for those balding from the center of the head, not from the hairline back.

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